Catch a hipster with some rock & roll.

Welcome to Hipster Bait. All the cool kids are putting their music online.

We made ours... just a little bit harder to find. Untwirl your moustache. And brush away your latte foam.

Find a tape hidden in your city.

We're hiding cassette tapes containing unreleased music across North America for adventurous music fans to find and hide again in a new location.

Play your reward.

Every unique tape gets you special access to a free track. Never released. That's right Hipster, you never heard of this.

Reset the trap.

Africano-serving coffee shops, gin bars, moustache clubs, long-board shops. Re-hide your tape to catch a hipster and help bring back rock.

'What The... ?' Frequently Asked Questions

There have been even more questions from our own team about this project than you could ever imagine. It never stops on our side. And really, if we want Hipster Bait to continue to evolve, the WTFAQs will never stop.

So we have spent a few minutes thinking about what some of your questions might be. Below are what we came up with.


What if I decide to keep the cassette I find?

Well, you're kind of a greedy mofo, aren't you? But wtf can we do about it? I suspect if you do not re-hide the cassette for a new player to find you will likely lose your hair. Or develop a wart you can't get rid of, not matter how much dry ice you use on it. Your choice. We're not gonna hunt you down. But we can't promise you other players won't.


What if I can't find a cassette?

Best thing to do is read the Hints left by the player who set the trap. There should be photos or text to help get you to the right spot. If you gave it a good look and are convinced it is gone you should use the "Flag Cassette" option at the bottom of the "Info" section of the Cassette's info card.


Why do you only accept unreleased songs?

Would you search the city for a song you could easily find online from the comfort of your housecoat? We wouldn't either.


Why is Hipster Bait only for rock-related music?

Because we're not like iTunes, Spotify or We're not here to sell you whatever your preference is. We are here to bring back rock and roll. And serve it by the amp-load. You want (fill in the blank) music? Cool. Those platforms exist and are already waiting for you. Knock yourself out.


Why is the band anonymous for the first six weeks?

We like the idea of a blind taste test. Anonymity allows the song to stand up on its own.


Where can I hide a cassette?

It is best to hide a Bait Cassette in a place that is protected from the outside elements. Leaving it on a park bench is not a good spot, for example. When you start to look around in the outside world you will notice tons of great places to stash a cassette that aren't impossible to find without the help of a hint or two and keeps the bait protected from rain, wind, piss and snow.


Can I play these cassettes?

You bet you can! Every cassette has a recording of the song on both sides. If you have the retro technology, play it!


Can I add my own cassettes to the game?

If you are an original rock artist, yes! Submit your unreleased original song here and if accepted by our bait-experts we will make the cassettes for you! If by that you meant record your own cassettes, slap a QR code on them and add them to the Hipster Bait GeoMap®? No.


What if I record my own song over the Hipster bait song on a Bait Cassette?

Then you recorded your own song over the Hipster bait song. Sure. Whatever. Make it a great song if you do. Better yet, submit your song to us.


I didn't get my (fill in the blank) badge! WTF!

Yeah, that sucks. You worked so hard too. Well my rock-savior friend, we are not SONY Music Canada. Some of our shit is just not gonna work sometimes. Bear with us. We'll fix it. But not ASAP, like say, Apple®. We're gonna get around it. You know, at 2 PM... when the sun is warm.


My Bait Cassette was flagged and I KNOW it's there!

Uh oh! Your cassette is flagged, and you're so close to reaching the next level. Maybe it's the only one you have ever found. You live in a no-horse town. Bait Cassettes are harder to come by than an A Circuit stripper. If you know it's there friend, then go back and make sure it actually is. Then leave a Hint to give others some help. Or better yet, don't fucking bury it. Besides, we're not your parents. Sort it out yourself. You have it in you. We know it. Go. Go now.


A lot of the artwork in this game is pretty dark. Why is that?

Because we're saving rock and roll, not promoting a bake sale. Fuck's sake, it's not Sissy Bait. Piss off.


When can I release my song after I have been added to the game?

We need your song to remain unreleased for six weeks of game play. The six weeks counter will start the moment the your first has been Baited by either a member of your group or one of us from Hipster Bait.


Nobody is finding our Bait Cassettes, can I promote that we're in Hipster Bait?

No. And yes! Can you tell people you released a brand new track on Hipster Bait, go find it? Fuck yes! Can you say which Cassette to look for? FUCK NO! Boo! Promote the shit out of the fact you are using Hipster Bait to release a new single and let people figure out the rest. Trust us, it won't be that hard for them to get there on their own. The people searching for Bait Cassettes are hunters. Searching the world for your song. Don't give them an already-mounted trophy head.


My music is not a form of rock, can I submit a song anyways?

Sure. You might fit. But we will be the judge of that. Rock these days is a huge range of sound. But if you're song is not accepted, it doesn't mean you suck (necessarily). Could just be you really aren't at all rock in our opinion. Submit your song here.


Who judges the music?

We do. The few of us who run Hipster Bait. For now that is. Our vision is, in time, to give that responsibility to the Hipster Bait community to decide. Because we're lazy. Also because we have always thought that is how Hipster Bait should be run: by the music fans. Not the music industry, or us as creators. This will take some time. But it will happen. Stay tuned.


What happens after the six weeks?

After the six weeks has passed, Hipster Bait will announce to the public who you are through our website, social media and our Bait Mail list. Your logo will be added to our Artist's page and your Artist's page will become live. At this time you will be able to download an email list of fans collected through your Bait Cassettes.


Can you recall all of the bait Cassettes with my song on them?

Nope. Your cassettes will exist in the game for as long as players are finding and baiting them. Your band's info will now appear in the Cassette info on the map and in player's Cassette box instead of "unknown artist". Your song will continue to be discovered by potential new fans. You will also continue to get all of the future stats in your Band Account. Your email list will grow, and the analytics will continue to add up.


Is my music protected?

That is a very good question. Your music is not protected 100%. As you know, these days it never is. Hipster Bait does not give players a downloadable version of the artist's song. People who find your Bait Cassettes can only stream the music, either in their account, or in a wizard when they scan the QR code on the physical Bait Cassette they find. The Bait Cassettes also contain an analog recording of your song, which can be duplicated (on a dual cassette deck found at a thrift store for under $10 CDN these days). We have no control over this. Submitting your song to Hipster Bait is like going on tour. People will hear your music. If they like it and don't want to pay for it, they will find a way to keep it. Some will buy an album, some will capture you on an mobile phone. All we can do is lock the door and keep the honest people out.

Be the bait.

Do you fit in? Maybe.

Why be Hipster Bait? Think about it. Maybe you're undiscovered. Your music is no longer the mainstream. You want to be found? Why not be found by the people who are actually, literally looking for you. Yep, this is a game. But it's your game. We are not hiding Beyonce's latest track, we are hiding your latest track. And to who? To an audience who wants your kind of music. You don't have to write a pop song for the radio here. You don't have to pull punches.

All you have to do is share a song you believe in.

The rest is for once, in this watered-down genre, songs that actually kick ass. Rock music is not dead. All across the world great rock music is written, performed and recorded. But where can you hear it if you can't access the artist? We say: on our platform. We are not looking at the length of your song. We are not tracking hooks.

All we want from the artists who submit songs are these four things:

Unreleased publicly. Period.
Your own original composition.
Some form of rock (to help bring it back).
It is from a working artist or band.

We are not going to see how many Facebook fans you have. We are not going to give a shit if you are accessible to a mass audience. All we want from you is heart.

Send us your original unreleased song to get started. Submit your song here.

What is in it for the artist?

A chance to be a part of a digital/analog music experience. Hipster Bait is just that, an experience. Using geocaching technology, music fans search for songs following Hints and clues in the real world using their mobile devices. Then they are rewarded for re-hiding the music in a new location for others to find.

As an artist you can see how your Bait Cassettes travel and are discovered through a dashboard. You can collect a mailing list of new fans. Plan tours based on the places your song is rated highest or has been found the most.

Once your band has completed the six weeks of anonymity, you will be announced to the Hipster Bait community. You will now have a profile page on where fans can learn all about your rockdom.

What are you waiting for?

Submit your song already!

The Hipster Bait Entourage

The Board

Hipster Bait has a team of music industry veterans, transmedia creators and tech experts who serve on our Board of Advisors. They work with our internal team to keep our project as baitable as possible and fun. Plus, they get all access passes to Hipster Bait events. And likely drinks.

Alfie Williams

Marketing and Industry Advisor

Alfie Williams is a seasoned music executive and has worked for top music companies all over North America. His roles included General Manager of Cordova Bay Records, over fifteen years in the promotion department at Universal Music Canada's Vancouver office and the Marketing & Promotion Manager for Penta Records, Parallel One Records and A&M/Island/ Motown Canada.

Alfie is currently the Vice President of Promotion (Western Canada) for Frontside Promotions. Frontside is Canada's most successful music promotion firm.

Alfie Williams and Hipster Bait: Alfie Williams has expressed a keen interest in Hipster Bait since our beta launch in September 2013. He recently joined our Board of Advisors and anxiously awaits the green light to help introduce Hipster Bait to top industry partners.

Steve Peters

Experience Architect and Game Design Advisor

An Emmy®-winning experience designer, Steve Peters has worked on some of the biggest and most innovative interactive experiences that exist. Currently at Google's Niantic Labs, he's also co-founder of No Mimes Media and hosts the StoryForward Podcast, a show about the future of entertainment. Projects he's worked on have won an Emmy®, Cannes Lions Grand Prix Awards, SXSW Web Awards, and Webby Awards.

Previously, Steve was VP of Experience Design at Fourth Wall Studios, where he worked on projects like the interactive web series, Dirty Work, and 6 Minutes to Midnight (for the feature film Watchmen). Prior to that, he worked at 42 Entertainment on projects including Why So Serious? and its accompanying SDCC 2007 viral experience (for the feature film The Dark Knight), for which he was Experience Designer. In 2003, he was on the team behind the indie alternate reality game, Metacortechs (The Matrix), which continues to be the largest fan-fiction ARG to this day.

Steve Peters and Hipster Bait: To date, we have spent the last few months in game design sessions with Steve Peters in our Victoria office, where we have worked through and architected the storytelling elements and crafted the experience design.

Judd Vinet

Technology Advisor

Judd Vinet, currently the VP of Technology for Bet Smart Media, is an acclaimed software engineer who has been writing code for over 20 years. Judd is a frequent author on, contributor to, and advocate of open source software. He is the author of Arch Linux distribution, now one of the 10 most popular Linux distributions worldwide. He has also authored an expense-tracking platform, an RSS aggregator, an MVC web framework, and a port-knocking system.

Judd and Hipster Bait: Judd has a long-standing history with the core team at One Net, having worked on several large projects alongside the team over the past 10 years. Judd has a passion for music and has been contributing in an advisory capacity on major tech decisions. He will continue in an advisory capacity and will provide hands-on support as needed.

The Hipster Bait Crew

The Team

A little group we've always been... and we've been working together on this project for over three years now. Our goal: to bring back dangerous rock and roll, one hipster at a time.

Most of the work has been done in our off time - with little or no budget. Like an indie band we have pushed past obstacles and taken our creation to the streets, tested on unsuspecting strangers and grown along the way. It was a pretty big idea that over the years has become a mother fucking big idea. Thankfully, FACTOR Canada liked it and has given us some funding. Whew! Thanks, Canada.

Michael Tension


For ten long years, Michael Tension toured across Canada with his band, Jeffery Sez, who signed a record deal with Cordova Bay Records (2002). His band toured the country and was featured on Much Music, as well as local news stations across Canada. Over the last decade, Michael has worked in the advertising industry as a Creative Director and designer for a number of agencies: The Black Press, Copeland Communications and One Net Marketing. If you've seen the hit show PORTLANDIA, you've already seen his work. His typography was used in the show, as well as downloaded over 3 million times on the Internet. Michael is a co-conceptor of Hipster Bait, and if you can't tell yet, the inspiration for the project. To date, Michael has managed to design the entire beta application, including 90 tape covers. He also hand-dubbed the first 350 tapes! Michael is dedicated, passionate and his creative talent and industry knowledge will be a great asset to the creative and management team.

Nicole Sorochan


Nicole is a seasoned digital producer who has directed all of One Net Studios' transmedia projects to date, and she is a co-creator of the Hipster Bait concept. She also has experience creating content and directing technology development for commercial Fortune500 companies, including Google, Thomson Reuters and Intuit. Nicole is apt at business development and gave the winning pitch at Merging Media 2013. She is no stranger to raising funds for film and digital projects, managing to help obtain grants and funds from organizations that include The Knight News Foundation, The Fledging Fund, Tribecca Fund, Sundance Institute, BC Ventures, Mitacs, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Alberta Council for the Arts and the Canada Media Fund.

Charles Neigum

Lead Developer

An engineering marvel and seriously-talented coder with 15 years of experience in Javascript, PHP, and SQL databases, Charles Neigum, our Technical Director and the heart of the engineering team, works hard and fast. Charles is an expert in HTML5 and CSS programming and has extensive experience building custom sites and applications using open source technologies such as Zend, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla Magento and OSCommerce. Here are a few examples of some beautiful sites that Charles coded entirely on his own:,,,,, and

Dylan Touhey


Dylan is the co-founder of One Net Marketing. In 2007, he left his post as Account Director at ValueClick Inc, one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies, to create One Net Marketing. Prior to founding One Net Marketing, Dylan executed multi-million dollar digital customer acquisition campaigns for clients such as RealNetworks, CBS, Expedia, Verizon and Adobe/Macromedia. He is an expert in digital strategy, SaaS product development, conversion optimization and cross-channel media buying.

Joey Caughey


As our resident JavaScript ninja, Joey is a seasoned developer with over 20 years of professional coding experience. At agencies like Leo Burnett, as a freelancer and more, he’s had play of time to hone his coding expertise. Today he works his legendary skills in W3C compliant XHTML and CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more. Developer by day, musician by night, Joey also founded his own record label, Stand One Records and loves to jam on the guitar in his downtime!

Nathan Sorochan

UX / Design

For more than 10 years Nathan's has been sharpening his design chops. As a master of interaction design, Nathan takes pride in delighting users with subtle animations, transitions and intuitive clean design. Nathan doesn't just deliver impeccably organized PSD files - he goes one step further to make his designs come to life with advanced skills in CSS, HTML5 and Javascript.

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