Put your new single into Hipster Bait and reach more fans. For free.

Hipster Bait is an augmented-reality music discovery game for iOS and Android. Unreleased dangerous rock music is the genre our players want, and the only type of music we accept.

And again, yeah, it’s free as fuck.

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Here’s how the game works...

Find the bait.

Players find your unreleased single, hidden somewhere in the real world.

Get the tune.

Players rate your song and cache it to their Cassette Box for a limited time.

Reset the trap.

Players hide your song in a new location for someone else to find.

If you need the real world comparison, think geocaching meets Pokemon Go. But with good music and no nerds. More at HipsterBait.com

Show me don’t tell me.

Get your music into the hands of new fans in a way that’s actually fun.

Loan us your song and we’ll give you fans for keeps. Our players use Hipster Bait to discover artists before they get famous. They’re the ones who want the new songs first.

Fuck the algos.

Streaming platforms’ “Song of the Day” is some robot’s ‘opinion’ of what’s cool. Hipster Bait lets music fans discover music in a way that’s original, memorable and fun.

Direct fan engagement.

Email lists give you access to every Hipster Bait player who has opted in. You can connect directly with your new fans, keeping them in the know about new releases and tour dates.

The best kind of ‘feedback’.

In the Artist’s Dashboard you’ll get real data insights—from your ratings (if you care what people think), to insights for promotional strategy and tour planning.

It costs nothing to join Hipster Bait, and you keep all your rights.

We’re looking for original, unreleased rock tracks only. Oh, and we only want to borrow your song—no keepsies.

You retain all rights and ownership to your material.

For the first two weeks that your song is in Hipster Bait, your identity is anonymous. For the final two weeks, players can see your band name and your Artist Page. Have a look.

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