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Described as “Musical ADHD,” Sleepy Gonzales is an eclectic indie rock group from Surrey BC who are difficult to put into a specific genre. The half-Mexican twin brothers Cristian (guitar and vocals) and Beni (drums and vocals), write and engineer the sound of Sleepy Gonzales’ love and loss. Bass guitarist and punk enthusiast Nick brings an obvious edge to the band dynamic with his 70’s gutterpunk approach to song writing. Ally--one of the most dynamic front persons the Vancouver indie scene has to offer weaves the chaos of Sleepy Gonzales into strong hook-filled melodies. Ally has incredible range and versatility and can break your heart with haunting old soul vibes or hit you in the face with a hurricane punch.

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#0000 - 2918 Alligate

Song: “Alligatorzzz”

Analog Bait 28 Total 408
Digital Bait 2008 Total 2510
Total Bait 2036 Total 2918
Average Rating 4 / 5

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