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Uforia emerges from the deep inner urge to rock. More than just a hobby, creation and performance are intwined into the life’s work of Michael Ursini, Daniel Salij, and Dylan Piercey. The art and work they put forth are genuine expressions of their creativity. They sincerely feel that they were born to make music, to perform, to raise the energy of the room, and inspire in the listener. While doing their best to embrace the new age and modern pop sensibilities, they refuse to surrender the hard-hitting, distorted, body rocking, mind-bending rumblings they came up with. From Rush and Floyd, to Incubus and Billy Talent, Uforia aims to continue the legacy of rock that has informed their creative styles. Uforia presents songs that are well crafted, masterfully produced, and explosively performed.

Artists’ Bait

#0000 - 2228 Tentacles

Song: “No Divide”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 1999 Total 2228
Total Bait 1999 Total 2228
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 2119 Waiting For Paint To Dry

Song: “Start Me Up Again”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 1778 Total 2119
Total Bait 1778 Total 2119
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 0356 80s Cup Remix

Song: “Indivisible”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 133 Total 356
Total Bait 133 Total 356
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 0180 Jupiter

Song: “Untitled”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 66 Total 180
Total Bait 66 Total 180
Average Rating 4 / 5

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