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After selling out curling rinks and youth centers for 20 years, Front of the Coyote hit it big with their smash hit “Back of the Coyote”, which shot up the indie charts in Canada selling more than 860,000 copies on iTunes in just 1 month. Front of the Coyote brings big-barn sound to the rural cottage towns north and south of the border. With influences like Great Big Sea and Neil Young, Lead front man, Wyle Skunktoven, self-describes the band as an electric ukulele on steroids. Drummer, Band Manager and Bus Driver Earl McKeggan describes their unique sounds as K9s mating under the moon while the Etobicoke Gazette raves “Front of the Coyote was the best free concert in the last month“. Armed with a repertoire of three news songs, Front of the Coyote will embark on a four-stop tour this fall with dates in Bruce Peninsula, Haliburton Highlands, Parry Sound and Kawartha Lakes. No tickets required. $5 bucks at the door.

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Song: "Tears for Beers"

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