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Grunt Muffin describe their sound as “A ’69 Ford driven down a dirt road by a man with long, greasy hair and bread crumbs in his chest hair”. The group formed in a Mmmmuffins restaurant in Sicamous, BC in 2013. Lead singer Collin Sick was choking on a muffin he was trying to eat in one bite, a party trick he had mastered and regularly included in his stage show. Not only did the event bring the four members together (Collin Sick - Vocals/Bass, Kristin Pissed - Drums, Hardly Soft - Guitar, and Muppet - Additional Percussion & Grunts) it also gave the group their name. No need to explain that, right?

Artists' Bait

#0000 - 1650 Mister Pid

Song: "All the Crumbs"

Analog Bait 122 Total 150
Digital Bait 1367 Total 1500
Total Cassettes 1489 Total 1650
Average Rating 2 / 5
Time Remaining 14 Days 12 Hours 48 Minutes

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