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Emerging from the block parties of Seosan, South Korea, O.P.M. burst onto the metal-rap scene in 2008 with their debut album, Hardcore Hang Man. The band’s latest album, Go Fish, unites Jim Jung Ching Lin’s singular lyrics with jacked-up grooves to generate a disc overflowing with feel-good summer jams. With standout tracks like “Lost in Translation,” the music of O.P.M appeals to rap-metal fans and non-rap-metal fans alike.

Artists' Bait

#0000 - 1950 Jolly Gopher

Song: "Lost in Translation"

Analog Bait 214 Total 450
Digital Bait 975 Total 1500
Total Cassettes 1189 Total 1950
Average Rating 4 / 5
Time Remaining 14 Days 12 Hours 48 Minutes

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