Catch a hipster with some rock & roll.

Welcome to Hipster Bait. All the cool kids are putting their music online. We made ours... just a little bit harder to find.

Untwirl your moustache. And brush away your latte foam.

Find a tape hidden in your city.

We’ve hidden 990 unique cassette tapes in cities across North America (Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, Austin, and New York).

Play your reward.

Every unique tape gets you special access to free tracks. Never released. That’s right Hipster, you never heard of this.

Reset the trap.

Africano-serving coffee shops, gin bars, mustache clubs, long-board shops. Re-hide your tape to catch a hipster and help bring back rock.

Show me. Don’t tell me. Right?

Click on the map to begin your search.

What hipsters do?

Where should you look to find a Hipster Bait cassette?
Where’s a good place to re-hide a cassette? Got to think
like a hipster to catch a hipster. #WhatHipstersDo?:

Get some help.

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Bait a hipster with your own music...

This is only phase one of Hipster Bait. Next we want to invite other bands and songwriters to add their bait to the game.

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