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Hailing from the salt-crusted shores of Vancouver Island (Canada) Big Flakes bring frenetic hard rocking energy to everything they do. Playing a blend of hard rock/alt metal, riff based goodness, their melodic, catchy vocal hooks and fiery live performances are known to get boots stomping, hair flying, and horns in the air. With influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Death From Above, Black Sabbath, 90’s Trash and a smidge of classic rock, Big Flakes create a unique sound that is 100% rock and roll. Forming in 2017 when long time friends Gord Smith (Drums) and Dave Greig (Guitar) started jamming with Jonny LeBlanc (Vocals, Bass) over our shared love of everything heavy, Big Flakes released their first single Animal in August 2018, with musician and producer extraordinaire Josh Szczepanowski (PIGS, Men Against the Sea, The Temps) at the helm. The band is hard at work finishing their debut EP at Blue Bridge Sounds, which will be out April 2020.

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#0000 - 0464 Good Bad Luck

Song: “Say What You Want”

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