WTFAQs for artists.

“What the ...?” Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only accept unreleased songs?
Would you search the city for a song you could easily find online from the comfort of your housecoat?
Why is the band anonymous for the first two weeks?
We like the idea of a blind taste test. Anonymity allows the song to stand up on it’s own. This also gives you unbiased feedback on your music. You will see which regions your music is most popular in, and vise versa. This information can be helpful when planning a tour. Get what we’re saying? It’s good business, baby. The more you know.
When can I release my song after I have been added to the game?
We need your song to remain unreleased for at least two weeks of game play. The two week countdown will begin the moment your first digital Bait Cassettes have been released by Hipster Bait.
Nobody is finding our Bait Cassettes, can I promote that we are in Hipster Bait?
No. And yes. Can you tell people you released a brand new track on Hipster Bait, go find it? Fuck yes! Can you say which Cassette it is to look for? FUCK NO! Boo! Promote the shit out of the fact you are using Hipster Bait to release a new single but let the players figure out the rest. Trust us, it won’t be that hard for them to figure it out on their own. The people searching for Bait Cassettes are hunters searching the streets for your music. Don’t give them a trophy head that’s already been mounted for them.
My music isn’t rock, but it’s rock/something else-hybrid, can I submit a song anyway?
Sure. You might fit. But we’ll be the judge of that. Rock music comes in a huge range of sounds. But if your song is not accepted it doesn’t mean you suck (necessarily). Could just be you really aren’t at all rock in our opinion. Here’s Wikipedia’s list of rock subgenres.
Who judges the music submitted to Hipster Bait?
We do. The few of us who run Hipster Bait. For now that is. Our vision is, in time, to give that responsibility to the Hipster Bait community to decide. Because we’re lazy. Also because we have always thought that Hipster Bait should be run by the music fans. Not the music industry, or even us as the creators. This will take us some time. But it will happen. Stay tuned.
What happens to my song after the first two weeks of being a Bait Cassette?
After the two weeks have passed, Hipster Bait will announce who you are to the public through our website, social media and an article in our Bait Mail newsletter. Your logo will be added to our Artist’s page and your Artist’s Profile will become live. At this time you will also be able to download an email list of fans collected through your Bait Cassettes via our app. This gives you two weeks to reach out to your new fans directly. Players will be able to purchase your music through your own outbound links on your Artist Profile. Maybe you have a special offer for them… it’s up to you.
What happens to my song after the four week countdown in Hipster Bait?
After the four weeks has passed your song will no longer be in the game. But your Profile Page will remain on Maybe submit another unreleased track and start over again?
Where should I hide my analog Cassettes if I get them?
It is best to hide a Bait Cassette in a place that is protected from the outside elements. Leaving it on a park bench is not a good spot for example. Cassette cases were not intended to support the weight of a human butt. When you start to look around in the outside world you will notice there are tons of great places to stash a Cassette that aren’t impossible to find (with the help of a Hint or two), and keeps the bait protected from rain, wind, butts, piss and snow. More about hiding analog Cassettes here.
Can you recall the analog Bait Cassettes with my song on them?
Nope. Your Cassettes will exist in the game for as long as players are finding and baiting them.  
Is my music protected?
That is a very great question. Your music is not protected 100%. As you know, these days it never is. Hipster Bait doesn’t give players a downloadable version of the artist’s song. People who find your digital Bait Cassettes can only stream the music, either in their account, or in the capture wizard when they first find the Cassette. Analog Bait Cassettes do contain an actual recording of your song, which can be duplicated (e.g. on a dual cassette deck found at a thrift store for under $10 CDN these days). We have no control over this.

Submitting your song to Hipster Bait is like going on tour. People will hear your music. If they like it and don’t want to pay for it, they will find a way to keep it. Some will buy an album, some will capture you on a mobile phone. All we can do is lock the door to keep the honest people out.
What if I record my own song over the Hipster Bait song on an analog Cassette?
Then you recorded your own song over the Hipster Bait song. Sure. Whatever. Make it a great song if you do.

Little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah