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Gen and The Degenerates are Infamous for their high energy, larger than life, live performances. Making a hobby of gatecrashing the UK music scene, bringing with them their unique breed of blood and thunder rock n roll, they have appeared alongside Strange Bones, WSTR, Bang Bang Romeo, The Ninth Wave and many more... but they won't stop until they've achieved their plan for global Degeneracy. Finding their music via Hipster Bait means you’re an accomplice in this masterplan, sorry but there’s no turning back now. "Gen and The Degenerates are without a doubt one of the most formidable up and coming live acts around" - Popped Music "Playfully aggressive and a message worth listening to, people are learning what the Degenerates knew all along: They’re destined for big things. " - JacksMedia "the Degenerates continue to seduce us with their magnetic, fierce anthemic riffs, lyrics of wild passion and thunderous drums" - RGM Magazine

Artists’ Bait

#0000 - 2275 Ra and Uncut

Song: “Underwear”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 2000 Total 2275
Total Bait 2000 Total 2275
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 1581 Makes Me Wet

Song: “Runaway Blues”

Analog Bait 0 Total 0
Digital Bait 1000 Total 1581
Total Bait 1000 Total 1581
Average Rating 4 / 5

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